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National Senior Certificate Results 2015

A detailed analysis of National Senior Certificate Results for 2015.

             100% Pass Rate

             79.0% Bachelor’s Pass

             41 full Academic Colours

             233 subject distinctions

             18 distinctions in Mathematics

             19 distinctions in Physical Sciences

             14 distinctions in English HL

             26 distinctions in Accounting

             70.1% subject marks over 60%

             86.9% subject marks over 50%

             94.7% subject marks over 40%

41 candidates achieved school academic colours (unofficial "A" aggregates); there were also 33 half-colours (unofficial "B" aggregates).


A full house of passes (for the seventh consecutive year) and the high university entrance pass rate, allied to very good subject averages, the large clutch of subject distinctions and fine performances in a variety of subjects, are aspects of which the school is rightfully proud. The top individuals, headed by Jason Evezard, performed exceptionally well but one is also conscious of the fact that those who put in the effort were suitably rewarded with a university pass or better.

Click on the link below to view a detailed analysis of the National Senior Certificate Results for 2015.

NSC Results Dec 2015





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