Creative Arts


Subject Head
Mrs Judith Parfitt
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Ms Cecile Goezaar
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Arts and Culture covers a broad spectrum of South African art and cultural practices. The areas of Arts and Culture are an integral part of life, embracing the spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional aspects of human endeavour within society. Arts and Culture is compulsory in Grades 8 and 9. It is made up of the following components: Visual Arts, Drama, Dance and Music.

Brief Policy

Classes are taught on a rotation basis with each section of the curriculum carrying equal weight. Arts and Culture aims to expose our students to a variety of cultural elements including art, drama and music including both African and non-African examples.


Most work for Arts and Culture in both Grades 8 and 9 is completed in class although there are two assignments per grade during the year which will be completed largely at home.

Tests and Forms of Assessment

There is one controlled test during the year and one class test for each grade. Other assessment tools are drama presentations, art projects, music worksheets, reviews, classwork, group presentations and orals.


Notes are supplied for each section as no formal textbook is used.

Grade 8 Curriculum

Popular Culture
Reflecting on Human Rights
Careers in Arts
Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

Grade 9 Curriculum

Creating, Marketing and Presenting Artworks (including buildings)
Relationships between Global and Local Cultures
Power relationships
The impact of mass media and technologies on Culture and the Arts


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