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Careers and Counselling

School Counsellors

Mrs Melissa Riordan


Aims of the Careers and Counselling Department

Assist students to make an informed decision regarding their choice of career and their place of study, by exposing them to various tertiary institutions and providing career guidance through interviews, use of software packages, referral to professional psychometrists for career assessments and facilitating presentations by professionals from various career fields.
To provide assistance to students in procuring financial assistance, and investigate alternatives to obtaining financial assistance.
Expose students to both tertiary and non-academic institutions through the annual careers evening and presentations throughout the year.
Provide a confidential, safe, trusting and effective environment for personal counselling, and where necessary, make informed recommendations for professional therapy.
Liaise with parents, professional therapists and staff regarding students with special education needs.
Act an effective and professional liaison between tertiary institutions, both academic and non-academic, and students.
Facilitate and co-ordinate parent education programmes through the running of workshops and information sessions.
Career Information Presentations

Counselling Services

In the event of students requiring counselling, the School Counsellors can be approached for an appointment. Appointments may be made by the student concerned, or by a parent, either personally at the School Counsellor’s office or by phone or e-mail. All counselling is treated in strict confidence. Where necessary, the School Counsellor may suggest professional therapy, and this will be discussed with the student in question and his parents. In the event of a parent considering professional therapy the School Counsellors may be contacted for recommendations.

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