Grey Gaming Club Wins Gold at Nationals

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Grey Gaming Club Wins Gold at Nationals

The Grey Gaming Club traveled to Johannesburg this past weekend to take part in the second High School Esports League (HSEL) National Finals, held at the Maverick Gaming Center in association with VS GAMING.

Grey was represented in two of the three genres, namely Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) and DOTA2.

Both teams enjoyed a successful tournament, the CS:GO team placed 4th at the tournament narrowly missing out on 3rd place.  Their results were as follows:

Pool Stages:
Lost to Parklands:
Game 1: 16 – 10 Loss
Game 2: 16 – 8 Loss

Beat Westville:
Game 1: 16 – 11 Win
Game 2: 16 – 11 Win

Beat Jeppe:
Game 1: 16 – 6 Win
Game 2: 16 – 11 Win

Semi Finals:
Lost to Paul Roos:
Game 1: 16 – 11 Loss
Game 2: 16 – 2 Loss

3rd/4th Playoff

Lost to Parklands:
Game 1: 16 – 9 Loss
Game 2: 16 – 14 Loss

However the DOTA 2 side was most successful, they were unbeaten in all 10 games during the tournament and brought home the gold medal making them the 2019 HSEL Champions.

Their results were as follows:
Vs Ligbron (Game 1) 43-6
Vs Ligbron (Game 2) 53-23

Vs Parklands (Game 1) 35-8
Vs Parklands (Game 2) 45-21

Vs Glenwood (Game 1) 63-18
Vs Glenwood (Game 2) 21-6

Vs Glenwood (Game 1) 36-1
Vs Glenwood (Game 2) 47-10

Vs Parklands (Game 1) 42-41
Vs Parklands (Game 2) 41-17​

Photo: Left to right. Leo Wolf, Oliver Roode, Raa’iq Fataar, Aaron Clarke, Ben Roode