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Founded in 1856.

The Grey Vision
Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage.
Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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Director of Discipline: Mr Chris Townsin (Click here to view the contact details of Mr Townsin)

As a traditional school, Grey High School prides itself in the maintaining of good discipline and upholding the traditions and ethos of the School. All staff members are responsible for all discipline in the school. Students may be placed on detention by any staff member if they break any of the school rules. Prefects are responsible for general discipline in the school. Led by the Head Prefect, they are answerable to the Director of Discipline and the Deputy Headmaster.

General Discipline

All staff are responsible for all discipline in the school. They must and should assume responsibility for its maintenance and should not shirk or abrogate the responsibility of its application in favour of those in senior positions. They should support prefects wherever necessary in order to establish a just and consistent system of discipline.

All staff should task themselves with the upholding of the ethos of the school.


  • Students should stand to greet any adult, whether they are seated in class or anywhere else around the school buildings.
  • Hands in pockets are not allowed, even on cold days.
  • Staff should be active in maintaining corridor discipline.
  • Students should stand back at doorways to allow adults / seniors to pass.
  • Dress codes and hair regulations are for all staff to enforce.
  • Littering and incidences of bad manners should be strictly controlled.

Staff Discipline

The Rector is responsible for staff discipline. Regular staff meetings should be held to discuss discipline problems or to disseminate information. Staff discipline should include things such as dress, professionalism, punctuality, meeting of deadlines and presence in the classrooms, at meetings and functions. A high standard of self-discipline is required. Staff should be conscious of the fact that their dress, behaviour and conduct are constantly under scrutiny.

Prefect Discipline and Detention

Prefects are responsible for general discipline in the school. Led by the Head Prefect, they are responsible to their Housemasters. Any punishment meted out by them must be recorded and approved. They may employ a system of Prefect Detention.

Classroom Discipline

Individual classroom discipline is the domain of each subject teacher. Subject teachers should keep their own records of punishment (in a diary or a mark book) for their reference.

Work and homework should be checked regularly. Punish if work is not done.

  • Mete out punishment to suit the crime (work related) and record punishment.
  • Be predictable and consistent. Follow patterns of discipline set by other teachers.
  • Insist on punctuality, good manners – standing up in class, etc.
  • Refer more serious incidents to the Housemaster for action.
  • Don’t punish in the heat of anger.
  • Don’t do your own thing – it weakens the system.
  • Don’t abrogate your responsibility in favour of the Housemaster.


Detention Policy

The detention system is designed to punish the students as soon after their misdemeanour as possible. All punishment handed out to any individual must be approved and recorded by the Housemaster of the pupil.

  • All minor offences will be dealt with by the Housemasters.
  • All detention sessions will take place daily in the afternoons from Monday to Thursday.
  • Detention will be a maximum of two hours ie 14:30–16:30 in the afternoon.
  • This will take priority over any other activity including sports practices and matches during the week.
  • A student will be placed on detention the day after his misdemeanour.

The Director of Discipline will be the only staff member to control duration of detention and whether detention will be postponed for any students. This is to eliminate any inconsistencies.

Serious Offences

Serious offences will be handled by the either the Director of Discipline or by the Deputy Headmaster.

Serious offences, such as bringing the name of the school into disrepute, could lead to more than one 2 hour afternoon detention sessions or a disciplinary hearing.

Procedure followed for Detention

The teacher places a student on detention, fills in the appropriate letter (in duplicate), gives one letter to the student to take home for the parents’ signature.
The duplicate is given to the Housemaster for recording purposes.

The teacher placing the student on detention must clearly indicate the following:

  • student’s name, Grade and House.
  • recommended length of the detention (1 or 2 hours).
  • date of the misdemeanour and date of detention.
  • reason for detention.
  • work to be completed during the detention session.

Students must return the signed letter the next morning and hand it in to his Housemaster at lines before the start of the first period. The Housemaster will compile a detention list for his House for that afternoon. This will indicate the venue for detention and the teacher-in-charge of detention for the afternoon and will be placed on the notice board by first break.

School Rules


Every Grey student should constantly remind himself that, both in private and in public, he is responsible for the good name of the school.

He must be neat, smart, polite, pleasant and considerate. In the streets, on buses, on trains, in cinemas and any public place, he is being watched, and it needs just one thoughtless action, such as slouching with his hands in his pockets, or being loud or rowdy, to cause a bad mark against the Grey.

Cyclists and motor-cyclists must be particularly careful not only to observe normal traffic rules but also to be extra-courteous and considerate.

Pedestrians must acknowledge the courtesy when cars stop to allow them to cross the road by a nod of the head or a brief raising of the hand.


The school has a uniform – this means uniformity of dress.


The official Grey blazer is worn and must be kept buttoned. (The badge pocket is not used). If not being worn, the blazer must be hung up and not carried around. At the end of the school day, no student may leave the school buildings without wearing his blazer.


Nylon, patterned or short-sleeved shirts are not part of the school uniform. Only a plain white vest or T-shirt may be worn under the shirt.


The tie is the school tie. It must be respectable and correctly worn.


Long trousers must be of the standard variety.


Pullovers worn with the school uniform must be grey and of the regulation pattern.


The approved colour for socks is grey of a matching shade, neither too light nor too dark.


Lace-up shoes, regulation black, must be worn.


Lapel badges are those concerned with the Grey and its school activities, and no other.


A Grey student’s hairstyle must be one that does not attract unfavourable attention. When in doubt, be conservative. Hair should be well off the collar, not over the ears. Sideburns may not be longer than the midpoint of the ear.


No jewellery, e.g. bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc, will be tolerated.

When is the School uniform worn?

  • The full uniform is worn from home to the school buildings and on return.
  • After sport, the full tracksuit must be worn to return home.
  • At school, students may leave their blazers in the changing rooms.
  • Sleeves must be worn down or properly folded above the elbow.
  • For extramural occasions, students may wear a school tracksuit, or a blazer and sports wear with open neck shirt neatly outside the blazer collar, or a school T-shirt with white shorts and white track shoes.
  • The blue windcheater may not be worn with full school uniform.


The Grey kitbag is permitted for carrying sports kit only – not books.


Books must be carried in suitcases or briefcases or reinforced rucksacks. Only the student’s name may be screen-printed on the outside.

Dangerous practices

Pea-shooting, elastic-shooting, stone-throwing etc are not allowed.

Clothes and valuables

  • All clothing must be marked.
  • The school is not responsible for valuables left in the changing-rooms.
  • Unauthorised borrowing will be regarded as theft and will be severely punished.

Lost property

Items must be claimed on the day of the loss.

Out of bounds Areas

These areas are out of bounds to pupils:

  • Memorial Quadrangle
  • all fields during breaks except the verges of the Pollock/Kolisi field
  • the staff stairs
  • the Staffroom
  • Staff Ablution areas
  • the Hall
  • Gymnasium and Classrooms before Assembly and during breaks – unless a teacher has given permission
  • Motorcycle and Bicycle parking areas
  • Edkins Quadrangle – except for Matrics.

Corridor discipline

Classes proceeding along the corridors must keep left in single file. There must be no running in the corridors.


No footwear with studs may be worn in the Restaurant or any other building.


No eating or drinking is allowed inside the school buildings, including the corridors and change room.
Students in school uniform are not allowed to eat in the streets.

Roll call

The roll call takes place at 7:40 every day. If a student misses roll call he must report to the Secretaries’ office immediately after arriving at school and enter his name and details on the Latecomers’ list.

Absence from school

After a period of absence an absentee note (in an envelope) must be handed to the Housemaster on the day that the student returns to school.

A Doctor’s certificate must be produced in the following instances:

A. The period of absence is 3 days or longer.
B. Any period of absence during exams or standardised tests.
(A student absent from any lesson should catch up missed work as soon as possible – preferably before the next lesson.)


Any cribbing or appearance of cribbing will be dealt with strictly.


Whether physical or mental, bullying is strictly prohibited.


Grey students are not allowed to hitch-hike.


Each student shall be involved in the prevention and reporting of vandalism.


Fighting is not permitted. Disputes should be resolved with the involvement of the Housemaster.


No student may drive a car while in school uniform except by special permission of the Rector or with a parent present.


Students may not bring a weapon of any description onto the school grounds at any time.

Theft and unauthorised “borrowing”

These are criminal offences and will be treated as matters of extreme gravity. Offenders could be handed over to the authorities for prosecution.


The school is totally opposed to the use of tobacco.
Smoking is not permitted when in uniform or when identifiable as a Grey student.
No student may come to school with any evidence of smoking, e.g. smelling of smoke, or in possession of matches or cigarettes.


The school is totally opposed to the abuse and illegal use of alcohol.

Circumstances within the authority of the school.

Use of alcohol by a Grey student is not permitted on or off the campus, at any time or place, or under any circumstances, regardless of his age, when he is;

  • involved in any school-related event or activity, or
  • in school uniform, or any item of school clothing, or
  • identifiable by the general public as a Grey student.
  • It is prohibited to attend any school event, involving any school- related activity, on or off the campus, while manifesting any evidence of the use of alcohol
    e.g. selling or purchasing alcohol, being in possession thereof, smelling of alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol.
  • Notwithstanding the above, no student is permitted to bring the school into disrepute in relation to alcohol at any time or place, or under any circumstances.
  • A breach of these rules must be reported by any staff or students in leadership positions (in particular, school, boarding house and house prefects) and will be dealt with in accordance with the procedures for the breach of school rules.

Circumstances outside the authority of the school.

  • The school acknowledges that at private events viz. off the campus, in respect of activities unrelated to the school, and where the school is not brought into disrepute, the school does not have authority over students to regulate the use of alcohol.
    It is then the responsibility of the students and their parents to do so.
  • However, the school strives for a culture of non-abuse of alcohol and compliance with the law. Students and their parents are encouraged to comply with the correct use of alcohol.
    For example, Under 18’s may not buy alcohol or frequent licensed clubs or pubs. Control must be maintained at events at homes or other venues.
  • The school considers it to be at the discretion of parents with their students, to enjoy responsible, limited use of alcohol at home or at other private places. It must never occur in breach of the school rules set out above; it must be legal; it must be in the presence of the student’s parents (or responsible adults to whom the parents have delegated such authority); and with the consent of the parents, or persons with authority, e.g. at special family events or for educational purposes (eg. Wine Appreciation Course; Cadet Dinner).
  • However, prefects (school, boarding house and house) are entrusted with the responsibility of being role models, setting an example, adhering to the school rules and enforcing compliance with the school rules. They are the custodians of the school’s good name and reputation, values and standards. To uphold these values and to avoid any ambiguity, no prefect may, during his term of office, consume any alcohol, except in the privacy of his own home whilst in the presence of his parents, and with their consent.
  • Where instances of alcohol abuse or illegal activities at private events involving Grey students occur, staff and prefects (school, boarding house and house) are expected to inform the school of these instances. It may be necessary for the school to intervene in these cases, and the school will therefore exercise it’s discretion to discuss such events with parents and/or students involved.


The use or misuse of any drug or chemical substance at any place at any time will be treated with extreme gravity.


A student must have obtained an exeat if he wishes to leave the school during the school day. If a student is going to miss roll call, the exeat must have been obtained on the previous day. Exeats are obtainable from the Rector or Deputy Headmaster.
Should a day student feel ill he must report to the Secretaries’ Office.


Students must be clean-shaven at all times.

Cellular phones

• Cellular phones are not permitted.
• Public call boxes are available for students’ use.

Roller skates, roller blades, skate boards & push scooters are not permitted on the premises.

Playing with any sort of ball – rugby, cricket, basketball, tennis etc – is not permitted in any of the parking areas at any time, even when no vehicles are parked, or in any covered way, corridor or classroom.

Code of Conduct


Maintaining our high standards of learning and teaching is an ongoing process. The provision of effective tutoring and teaching in a safe and disciplined environment is of paramount importance to all involved. By drawing up this Code of Conduct, we hope to provide a frame of reference for the behaviour of all students at Grey High School. We hope to establish a non-racial, democratic and well-balanced education.

The Code of Conduct, in conjunction with the School Rules, is to be endorsed by all students at the school. It is a model based on the standards that the staff, students and parents of the school believe in.


I undertake to acquaint myself with the school rules and abide by them at all times, thus ensuring that the good name of the school is never brought into disrepute. I also undertake to acquaint myself with the disciplinary procedures that are in place at the school.

Pride in our School

I shall display pride in my school by:

  • My involvement in the three facets of school life that make up our motto – TRIA JUNCTA IN UNO – the mind, the body and the spirit;
  • My manners and personal dignity;
  • Constantly striving to improve my work ethic and my sporting standards;
  • My neatness of dress at all times and on all occasions.

Environment for Learning

By my actions and attitude, I shall:

  • Respect every individual’s right to learn;
  • Take responsibility for achieving my own learning potential;
  • Value and support a culture of learning by being punctual, and participating and behaving in class.

Respect and Discipline

By being self disciplined, I shall show respect for:

  • My peers, my elders and staff members;
  • The property of others;
  • The race, culture and religious beliefs of others;
  • My school, its traditions and rules.

Maintaining Traditions

I pledge my support:

  • To take an active part in preserving and maintaining the traditions of the Grey;
  • To respect the history and heritage of the Grey.

Security and Valuables and Personal Safety

I undertake to:

  • Take accountability for my own possessions;
  • Respect the possessions of others;
  • Report any act of theft or vandalism;
  • Assure the personal safety of my fellow students at all times.
  • Prepared by The Grey Forum 03-03-1997

Absence from School

Absentee Hotline Contact Details

Click here to view the contact details of the Absentee Hotline.

Absentee Procedure

Should a student be unable to attend school on the day, details as listed below should be forwarded to the School Office either via:

  • the Absentee Hotline as soon as possible, or
  • the Administrative Assistant of the student’ House on the day the student returns to school
  • A letter/facsimile/email, for attention the the Housemaster: [student’s House], with the following information is required:

Student’s name
Grade and class
Reason for absence
Dates absent or to be absent
This is an Education Department instruction, and parents are asked to comply with this.

Roll Call

Roll call takes place every day at 07:40.

  • All boys must report to their House lines where they will line up in alphabetical order in their particular grades.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that he is present on time and that his name is ticked off by the member of staff doing roll call.


Any student who arrives after 07:40 is late. He must report to the Secretaries’ Office and must fill in the Latecomers’ List. Failure to sign the Latecomer’s List will result in one week’s detention. Being late four times in one term will also result in one week’s detention.

Staff Involvement

It is the responsibility of the Housemaster and House staff to ensure that the roll call is efficiently carried out. Each staff member is responsible for a particular grade in his/her House. The Administrative Assistant in each House will co-ordinate the individual House absentees and submit the names to the Secretaries’ Office before 07:50.

Absence from School
After a period of absence, an absentee letter/facsimile/email, for attention the Housemaster: [student’s House], with the following information is required:

Student’s name
Grade and class
Reason for absence
Date/s absent or to be absent

This information is to be forwarded to the Housemaster via the Absentee Hotline or the Administarative Assistant of the House. The information required is an Education Department instruction, and parents are asked to comply with this.

An absentee list is published each day and distributed to each class before 09:00.

Absence during School

A student must obtain an Exeat from the Office if he wishes to leave school during school hours. If a student is going to miss roll call, the exeat must be obtained the day before his absence.

A letter/facsimile/email, for attention the Deputy Headmaster, with the following information is required:

Student’s name
Grade and class
Reason for absence
Date/s absent or to be absent

This information may be forwarded to the Deputy Headmaster via the Absentee Hotline. The information required is an Education Department instruction, and parents are asked to comply with this.

Documentation Required

A doctor’s certificate must be produced for

(a) a period of absence of three days or longer, or
(b) any period of absence during exams or controlled Grade tests.

Medical Appointments

Parents are requested to make medical appointments after school hours, if at all possible.