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Founded in 1856.

The Grey Vision
Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage.
Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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Subject Head
Rosalind Dorfling: NDip Fine Art, BTech Fine Art (Cum Laude), PGCE (Cum Laude), BEd (Hons) (Cum Laude)
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Cecile Goezaar: BA, HDE (UPE)
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Esté Bezuidenhout: BSc (Stell), PGCE (Cum Laude) (Rhodes)
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Judith Parfitt: BA (Mus), HDE (UPE), FDE (RAU)
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Lynn Furstenburg: BA (Hons) (UNISA), PGCE (UNISA), LTCL (Trinity College)
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Lynette Swart: BA Ed
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Marzane Meyer: BEd (NMMU), BEd HON (NMMU)
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Michele Bezuidenhout: BA, HDL (PU for CHE)
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Shani Alberts
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Creative Arts covers a broad spectrum of South African art and cultural practices. The areas of Creative Arts are an integral part of life, embracing the spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional aspects of human endeavour within society. Creative Arts is compulsory in Grades 8 and 9. At Grey, it is made up of the following components: Drama and Visual Art / Music.

Brief Policy

Each section of the curriculum carries equal weight. Creative Arts aims to expose our students to a variety of cultural elements including art, drama and music, while including a wide range of examples.  Our classes focus on the practical aspect of Visual Art, Drama and Music as much as possible.

Tests and Forms of Assessment

There are controlled tests during the year and examinations during the second and fourth term. Other assessment tools are drama presentations, art projects, music worksheets, reviews, classwork, group presentations and orals.


Most work for Arts and Culture in both Grades 8 and 9 is completed in class.


Platinum Creative Arts Grade 8 and 9.

Grade 8 Curriculum

  • Drama: elements include performance structure and reflection, poetry, praise poetry, puppet shows, improvisation, dialogue, prose, storytelling
  • Visual Art: elements and design principles, forms, fashion, role of the artist, different media, murals, landscapes
  • Music: music literacy, performing, creating music

Grade 9 Curriculum

  • Drama: elements include plays, rehearsal, performance, poetry, dramatized prose, monologues, sets and costumes, scripts, radio dramas and advertisements
  • Visual Art: portraits, visual literacy, artists in society, public art, printmaking, popular culture, puppets, drawing, mixed media
  • Music: music literacy, performing, creating music