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Founded in 1856.

The Grey Vision
Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage.
Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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School Hours

Monday: 07:40 – 14:10
Tuesday: 07:40 – 14:10
Wednesday: 07:40 – 14:10
Thursday: 07:40 – 14:10
Friday: 07:40 – 14:10

The days before and after examinations and the first and last day of a term are as important as any other school day and parents are asked to co-operate by refraining from making requests for students to leave before the close of school on any of these days. If any change is made in the school hours on account of school events, the students are notified in advance. Parents should be informed by their sons of such changes and are requested not to telephone the school office unless it is absolutely necessary.

Absence during School/Exeats

A student must obtain an Exeat from the Office if he wishes to leave school during school hours. If a student is going to miss roll call, the exeat must be obtained the day before his absence. Parents are requested to make medical appointments after school hours if at all possible. An urgent appeal is made to parents not to phone the school office with messages for their sons, unless the matter is extremely urgent. All parcels delivered to the office should be clearly marked with
the students name and grade, and arrangements must be made with him for collection. Intercom announcements are kept to a minimum and have to be authorised by the Deputy Headmaster – students will not be called to collect parcels, lunch.

Absence from School

Click here to contact the Absentee Hotline.

After a period of absence, an absentee note (enclosed in an envelope) must be handed to the Housemaster on the day that the student returns to school. A doctor’s certificate must be produced for

(a) a period of absence of three days or longer, or
(b) any period of absence during exams or controlled grade tests.

Click here for further information regarding the procedure and regulations on absenteeism.


These are issued at the beginning of every term. Parents are requested to read these carefully as they provide information on all forthcoming events and activities.


The official stockist of the Grey uniform is The School Shop.

Clothing Exchange

The Ladies’ Committee operates a clothing exchange in the room below the Mosenthal Pavilion every Thursday. All clothing must be freshly laundered before it is accepted for re-sale; blazers must be dry-cleaned.

Thursday 12:30 – 14:00
Friday of a Boarder leave-out


Please ensure that all items of clothing and equipment are clearly and permanently marked.

Lost Property

Before reporting items as stolen, pupils must check with Mrs Atherton in the Tuckshop to check whether the missing items have been handed in.


Unorthodox hairstyles are not allowed. The hairstyle should not attract undue attention.


A light meal can be purchased each day in the school Restaurant.


The Rector and Housemasters are able to interview parents by appointment. The School Counsellor may be contacted to discuss problems concerning study habits, personality development, vocational choice and any other matters which crop up from time to time.

Old Greys’ Union

The Old Greys’ Union is a body of past students and teachers from The Grey. The Union keeps them in touch with each other, supplies them with regular information updates and assists the Schools inter alia with various projects and bursaries.

All monies raised within the Union is used to assist the Schools and to maintain a high standard of education for our pupils. They are currently looking at “Associate Membership”, whereby parents of current students will be able to join the Old Greys’ Union.


The library is open to all students. A good reader will read 30 English and Afrikaans books during the year. Parents are asked to encourage the formation of good reading habits.

Physical Education lessons, Swimming, Games and Cadets

Participation in the above activities is compulsory unless a doctor’s certificate is produced in advance.


Please keep a supply of C6 envelopes at home. These will be required throughout the year.