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Founded in 1856.

The Grey Vision
Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage.
Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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The Ladies’ Committee is a service committee made up of current mothers at the school. There are various portfolios, each providing an area of responsibility, as well as a liaison representative and the Head boy and Deputy Head boys’ mother of that year. The Ladies’ Committee is there to provide assistance during sport events and annual events, eg. Selley Concert, Remembrance Day, Trooping the Color, Valedictory Service etc. The mothers and friends of the school help in the Tuckshop, Restaurant and Clothing Exchange, provide all the flowers seen in the Secretaries office and at all the events mentioned above.

The committee holds fund-raising events during the year to allow parents to get to know each other and socilialise with one another during the course of the year. Funds raised by the Ladies Committee are generally used to purchase items for the kitchen.

  • Portfolios
  • Chairlady
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Flowers
  • Restaurant
  • Tuckshop
  • Tea
  • Clothing Exchange

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