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Founded in 1856.

The Grey Vision
Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage.
Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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Technology aims to aid students to develop solutions to every day needs and wants by using knowledge, skills and available resources. Technology is approached as a problem solving activity and takes into consideration economic development, social and environmental factors and a wide range of values.

The types of activities the students undertake include

Investigating contexts and needs
Evaluating existing products
Designing solutions using innovative and creative ideas
Communicating through written presentations and graphics
The development of manufacturing /modelling skills

The course offered has three core content areas

Structures – knowledge and understanding of types of materials suitable for supporting loads, ways of strengthening structures and different types of structures are covered.
Processing – knowledge of different properties of materials and the ways in which they can be processed.
Systems and Control – investigation of a set of connected units, which operate together or interact to fulfil a need or achieve a goal. These units may be the ordered steps ina procedure or plan of action or they may be physical entities, each with its own contribution in the execution of the overall task.
Electrical Circuits – Knowledge of how electrical circuits works and all related theory. (Majority of work is also done in Natural Science)

Tests and Forms of Assessment

Assessment is made up of two of ( tests, assignments / mini pats) per term for 3 terms.


Homework is set, if necessary, to complete a task, but most of the work is completed in class.


No textbooks are used for Grade 8.
Grade 9 uses the Platinum – Technology series.