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General Information

Boarding House Info Brochure 2020


All laundry is done in the hostel laundry. All clothes must be clearly marked with a laundry number and a name.
The laundry times are as follows:

Hand in: Collect:
Grade 8 Friday Monday
Grade 9 Wednesday Thursday
Grade 10 Tuesday Wednesday
Grade 11 Thursday Friday
Grade 12 Monday Tuesday

These laundry days are to be strictly adhered to. No student may hand in laundry on any other day unless permission is obtained from the laundry matron.
Socks and underpants must be placed in a sock bag before handing in laundry.
Civvies may only be handed for washing with the permission from the matron.
Students must keep the amount of laundry handed in to a minimum. No excessive amounts of civvies may be handed in.
Students going home for the weekend are requested to take their laundry home to be washed.
Laundry may only be handed in directly after lunch and can be collected at between 17:00 and 18:00. These times are to be strictly adhered to.

Pocket Money

Each boarder is advised to have a bank savings account. This will enable a student to withdraw money when required, and not carry too much money on him at any stage.
No students must carry more then R100.00. Any excess money must be placed in his safe.
The amount of pocket money any student receives per month will be left to the discretion of the parents.

Cell Phones

Boarders are allowed to have cell phones in the boarding house. The Boarding staff will not be responsible for the safe keeping of any cell phones.
No student may take a cell phone to school. Cell phones being used at school will be confiscated for the duration of the term.
Cell phones used after lights-out will be confiscated for the duration of the term. No student may be on Social Media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, MXIT etc. after lights out and all cell phones must be switched off after lights-out.
Any student seen with pornography on his cell phone will be severely dealt with. This will be regarded as a Serious Offence and will be dealt with appropriately.
All cell phone numbers of the boarders must be handed in to the Senior Housemaster at he start of the year. The onus is on the student to notify the Housemaster of a change of cell number.

Personal Items, Theft and Security

All boarders are allocated a laptop-safe to keep their possessions safe. It would be naïve to think that there is no theft in the Boarding House. It does occur, but in most cases the students themselves have been negligent and left valuables open for anyone to take.
The onus is on the students themselves to ensure that they do not leave any of their valuables lying around.
Any student caught stealing will be severely dealt with and may be asked to leave Meriway House. The Boarding House is equipped with a surveillance system to monitor theft; this will be used to supply the police with proof should the need arise.
All students are advised to take all valuables home for the holidays. Quite often the Boarding House is used for accommodation for sports tournaments and therefore outsiders can have access to Meriway House.

Lost Property

Lost property can be collected from one of two venues. Students must report to both venues to determine whether any lost property has been handed in. The venues are:
The hostel laundry room. The laundry matron collects all unmarked items and stores them in the laundry. Students may view lost property in the afternoon between 17h00 and 18h00 when the laundry is open for collection,
The School Restaurant. Any clothing lost outside the Boarding House will be handed in at the Restaurant and may be collected at any time while it is open.
Laundry that has remained unclaimed for the year will be given to the Clothing Bank for sale.


2 x Eastern Province Heralds and 1 x Die Burger newspapers are delivered to the Boarding House for the students to read on a daily basis.
Over weekends, a Weekend Post is delivered on a Saturday and the Sunday Times on Sundays.
The newspapers may not be removed from the newspaper stand at any stage.