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Founded in 1856.

The Grey Vision
Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage. Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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Subject Head
Lynette Thackray Smith: BA, HDE (UPE), FDE (CAE) (UP)
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Landie Oosthuizen: B.Sc, HDE (Cum Laude), BEd (Hons), Advanced Education Computing (Cum Laude) (UPE)
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Marius Langenhoven: BCom (UPE), PGCE (UPE), BEd (Hons) (NMU)
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Tabita Dlali: BEd (CPUT)
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We aim to develop the confidence and capability of all students by introducing and using ICT across the curriculum. In order to build important basic skills and competence, information and communication technology (ICT) is taught as a compulsory subject until the end Grade 11.

Grey High School is an Accredited ICDL Test and Training Centre. We have 4 accredited ICDL trainers and 3 accredited ICDL test supervisors. For more about the International Computer Driving Licence, visit their website.

Grades 8 and 9

During their grade 8 and 9 years, the learners are following a basic computer literacy curriculum in various programmes, as well as theoretical work, in preparation of their ICDL course in the senior grades. They do internally set examinations twice a year.
The required pass mark for these exams is 75%, in line with the standard expected from them in grades 10 and 11.

Homework/ Study Material

The trainers provide the boys with enough electronic study material. They can make use of various means to take these notes home: they may use e-mail, upload it to Google Drive or save the material on a flash disk. We do not print the notes. ICT is a skill that needs to be practised. The onus is on the learner to become familiar with the skills that have been covered in the lessons.


All grades have 3 lessons in a 7-day cycle.

Grades 10 and 11

In their grade 10 year, all boys are registered as ICDL candidates. This is a life-long registration which means they can do more modules after they leave school, even if they live in another country.


The ICDL modules below are covered at Grey over a two year period.
During the grade 10 year, the boys do the following modules:

  • Word Processing
  • Computer Essentials
  • Spreadsheets

During the grade 11 year, they complete:

  • Online Essentials
  • Presentations
  • Databases


Assessments are done online using the in-application certification software Sophia. The pass mark for an ICDL examination is 75%.