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Medical care in Meriway House

Medical Matron
Mrs Jean McGahey
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It is important that all medical aid details be submitted to the Matron-in-charge of sickbay as soon as a student is accepted into the Boarding House.

There is always a Matron and a Duty Master on duty in the Boarding House. These staff will always be available to see to students who are ill or to take injured
students to the hospital should it be required.

If a students needs to be taken to the hospital, the parents will be notified immediately as to the student’s condition.

Meriway House has an 8-bed Sickbay/Sanatorium. The Matron-in-charge of the sickbay is accommodated in the sickbay to ensure 24 hour care of any students who might be ill.

Doctors on Duty

The Boarding House Doctors are Dr Wannenburg and Dr Velleman who are quite prepared to do “house-calls” for serious illnesses or injuries. If, however you would prefer the Boarding House to use your personal physician, these details must be indicated on your medical form.

Matrons on Sickbay Duty

The Matron on duty on that day will be the Matron on sickbay duty. They will also be responsible for taking any ill students to the doctor should a medical appointment be necessary. The Matron or the Housemaster on duty will also be responsible for taking students to medical appointments during the course on the day.

Rules regarding Medical care of Boarders

Meriway House has its own sickbay with 6 beds and an isolation ward with 2 beds for any boarder who might be ill. Any student who is not feeling well can report to the matron on duty at any time of the day or night for medication or treatment.

No-one may medicate himself or any other person in the Boarding House. All medication must be handed to the matron on arrival to the Boarding House so that the matron can ensure that the full course of all medication is taken. Medicines must be left in sickbay at all times.

In the mornings, students must report to the sickbay for any medication at 06:30 before breakfast. Any student too ill to attend school must obtain permission from the Medical Matron before settling in the sickbay. No student may go to sickbay during school unless they have the permission of the Senior Housemaster. An exeat will be granted by the Senior Housemaster which the student will show the Medical matron in order to be treated.

Only the sickbay Matron may make doctors appointments for anyone during the day. Preferably these appointments will be made during the afternoons and not during school time unless the condition is serious or no other appointment can be found. Transport to and from appointments made during the day will be organized by the Duty Master after breakfast.

Sick students returning from a weekend at home must report to the Matron to inform her of his illness and/or any doctor’s appointments that the parents might have made.

If medication is required to be taken after meals, then those students must report to the Matron on duty at the sickbay directly after meals.

No visiting is allowed in the sickbay unless permission is granted by the Medical Matron or Housemaster.

No student may book himself out of sickbay without the permission of the Medical Matron.