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Founded in 1856.

The Grey Vision
Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage.
Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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Sight and Sound

Sight and Sound provides a media support service to the school. Video recording, sound and audio-visual setting-up, video editing and equipment maintenance form their core business. Boys in Grade 9 or 10 who have demonstrable technical expertise, an interest in audio-visual matters and possess a genuine willingness to serve can join this club.

For once in front of the camera. The Sight and Sound Club at Grey received a sizable donation of cameras, lenses and other equipment from Canon. This was in recognition of the work they do for photography and videography at Grey. The work they do feeds social media, marketing, sports analysis, and provides a rich database for promotional and archival material. Grey is very grateful to Canon for the donation, and is sure the extra cameras and lenses will assist in capturing more of the events that take place within the school calendar. Grey wishes to thank Mrs Catherine Wilson (Photography) and Mr Simon Sonderup (Master in Charge Sight and Sound) for their contributions. Seen here are the senior members of Sight and Sound. Those with white blazers have achieved full colours for service to Sight and Sound, while the one member has to date achieved half colours.