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Grey remains as one of the leading schools in the country, with a culture and value system that support its fine heritage.
Grey is recognised for its competitiveness and excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities, as well as for its ability to consistently produce leaders.
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Match Report – Paul Roos Derby – RUGBY – April 2022

Match Report – Paul Roos Derby – HOCKEY – April 2022


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Past results:

Herald Grey High School Sports result: 07 May 2018

Successful weekend for Grey Sports teams in Queenstown

Grey Sports teams enjoyed a successful weekend in Queenstown against Queens College. The Hockey teams had a clean sweep, with rugby teams winning 13 of the 15 matches. The Grey 1st XV won a high scoring match by 45 points to 38. The Grey 1st hockey team scored two goals in each half to win by 4 goals to nil

The Recreation Ground in Queenstown has been a wrecking ball for almost all Grey 1st XV’s that have played there. This would have been in mind for many supporters of the Grey men as they ran out in spectacular conditions this past Saturday. Grey started well – an excellent break and offload from Josh Oosthuysen sending CJ Greeff in under the poles for our first try after only two minutes. Unfortunately, Grey failed to exit from the subsequent restart and Queen’s levelled matters. They then scored again, before Dumisa Ngcivana scored a trademark try for Grey to even the score. This pattern continued for the rest of the half until Yolisa Dladla’s sensational break and try giving Grey the lead by 26 points to 19 at the break.

The match continued to be a high scoring affair, and when Liyema Matyolweni scored to move Grey’s tally to 45 points to 26 after 19 minutes in the second stanza, it was all over bar the shouting.

The Queen’s team did raise some pulses with two late tries, which made the final score of 45 to 38. A good win for the Grey first XV, their third fine victory in the last 7 days.

The Grey 1st Hockey team overcame a plucky Queens College on Friday afternoon, winning comfortably by 4 goals to nil. The Goalscorers were Cody Posthumus, Richard Porter (2) and Lala Mazosiwe.

Rugby results vs Queens College: Hockey results versus Queens College: Squash vs Queens College: Chess Vs Queens College:
U14C won 29-5 U14C team beat Westering U14B 14-0 1st team won 6-0 1st lost 3-2 1st lost 3-2
U14B won 14-0 U14B won 10 – 0
U14A won 56-3 U14A won 9 – 0
U15C won 70-0 U16C won 7 – 0
U15B won 57-0 U16B won 7 – 0
U15A won 13-8 U16A won 8 – 0
U16C won 22-5 3rds won 14 – 0
U16B won 38-5 2nds won 7 – 1
U16A won 37-36 1sts won 4 – 0
6th XV won 76-0
5th XV won 69-7 Cross- Country  vs Queens College Anglers vs Queens College: Debating vs Queens College:
4th XV won 26-12 Lost 51-23 Won 391cm to 56cm Juniors won
3rd XV lost 17-19 Seniors lost
2nd XV lost 17-21
1st XV won 45-38